Hey, Uncle Dave!

This time our challenge was to cover a song by Uncle Dave Macon, aka “The Dixie Dewdrop”!

Uncle Dave was born David Harrison Macon in 1870 in Smartt Station, TN. He died in 1952 in the city of our Alma mater, Murfreesboro, TN. Read more about him here.

I covered “Rock About My Saro Jane”, an old steamboat song. I used to have a picture of a steamboat on my wall when I lived in Tennessee. The picture came from my great grandparents’ house, and I’m not sure why they had it. I imagine it was simply for decoration. They liked boats!

You can read more about the song history here.


The song I chose was “Chewing Gum,” which has always stuck out to me as an illustrator of what a funny guy Uncle Dave was. I learned this version from “Uncle Dave at Home” a set of recordings made circa 1950 in Kittrell, TN. Here’s to Uncle Dave, the man who “handles a banjo like a monkey handles a peanut”!


That’s So Obsolete

The challenge was to write a song using an obsolete word from the English language.

Alexis: I chose to use the word “brabble”, which doesn’t even show up as a word on spell check! I also challenged myself to write the song on banjo, because I haven’t done that for a while. Anyway, it’s a song inspired by being slightly different and opposing opposition. :)

I chose the word “alluvium,” the stuff left behind by moving water. Typhoon Haiyan has been on my mind lately, and although my family in the Philippines is safe, many weren’t so lucky. So, this is a hopeful tune for them!

Should you be interested in the relief effort, here’s one place you can donate: oxf.am/w4G