“Oh, Groundhog!” cover… Happy Groundhog Day!

We recorded this at Salt Marsh Trail in Nova Scotia, January 2013… at around -11 degrees (not counting windchill). We’d like to see spring just around the corner, please!


What a great surprise for us! We got to play and warm up at Coffee, Tea & Sea in Fisherman’s Cove yesterday morning — and we’ll be back tomorrow evening. 

It’s Space Country Time!


It was August 2010 when we road-tripped to Wheeling, West Virginia to perform on the Wheeling Jamboree. By the time we were on our way home from our ‘mini tour’ (small shows in Tennessee and Pennsylvania), we were at that point of exhaustion where strange things start happening, and the dumbest things begin to seem extra-silly. By the time we entered East Tennessee, you might say all three of us were delirious (three ,because we kidnapped Heather’s boyfriend, Dan, and made him come along with us). That’s when the idea for the Twilight Twins came about.

We thought we were going to start an alter ego space country band called Twilight Twins and write country-bluegrass songs about all of the Twilight Zone episodes. That didn’t happen. However, at Halloween, we concocted a costume for our one-night stint as the Twilight Twins and we had written some space country songs to boot. It’s too bad we don’t have a recording of our rendition of Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein”. However, we decided to record our version of “Knoxville Girl”, which is logical considering our Twilight Twins idea sprouted right around the time we were travelling through Knoxville.

Fast forward to Halloween 2012, Alexis is in Nova Scotia and Heather’s in Tennessee. The only possible way for us to record music was to do it track-by-track, by sending sound files over the internet and then mixing together the individually-recorded tracks in the final production. We invited our buddy Sam Jaco (of Don Coyote)to sing on the duet that Heather wrote (Is It Me?), and Heather did some funky space mixing to achieve this wacky Halloween treat for our fans. It was a technical and convoluted way to record music — but what better way to record our Twilight Twins material?!

Here is our Twilight Twins 2012 Halloween Sampler. Hope y’all enjoy it!